PT Horse

PT Horse Friendly Team

A strong passion for an healthy equitation and a careful attention to young horses and their improvements are at the foundation of PT Horse Friendly Team; these shared values sum up the point of convergence of the team members.
The birth, the creation and the energy of the Team are due to Elviro Carbone (an experienced show jumper, who also competed for the Italian Army Team). Elviro has been and still is the PT Horse Friendly Team’s promoter: he has
identified the suitable members and coordinated synergies, creating shared values and objectives. 
With the help of the firsts financial partners such as Pairstech Capital Management LLP (Enrico Danieletto), Mascheroni Selleria e Fantic Bikes PT Horse Friendly Team’s main goal is to actively support riders, livery yards and stud farms,
which excel for an healthy, never forced competitiveness, in full respects of the horse.
PT Horse Friendly Team wants to promote the work, the efforts, the love and the true passion for horsemanship in all those situations where a support is needed and even “due” in order to achieve good results. 
GP Tortona, 6/8 aprile 2018, Mario vince ancora!
Avanti così: il TEAM PTHORSE si sta facendo valere !
Fata Morgana di Villagana si qualifica per il campionato mondiale giovani cavalli di Lanaken!