Thursday, 7 December 2017
Pairstech has been an active member of the Blockchain ecosystem for a while now and is now offering End to End ICO solution for Blockchain enabled projects for both utility and security token.

1. What is an ICO
ICO is an initial coin offering, or cryptocurrency issuance on an existing Blockchain platform. A new issuance of cryptocurrency can have many usages among a Blockchain enabled project, from representing an underlying asset and creating transferability for otherwise illiquid asset (security token) to being the reference currency to pay for the services offered by the project issuing its own cryptocurrency (utility token). Cryptocurrencies are simply a new asset class that enables decentralized applications. 
2. Pairstech End to End ICO solution
Pairstech has been active in the ICO ecosphere for a while now and already has a mandate for 2 upcoming ICOs, one related to the tokenization of the equity of a Goldmine, and one related to the token issuance of an innovative p2p energy trading startup. 
We are currently seeking to increase the number of Blockchain related projects in our Pipeline by offering a tailored ICO end to End solution to companies and emerging projects planning on integrating Blockchain feature in their core business and issue their own cryptocurrency, utility or security token. 
3 Activities
                The core activities of our End to End Our services consist of:  
Analysis: (2-3 weeks)
Take a deep look at the project, inquire about legal issue with current legislation, choose a country to set up the headquarters and define a budget. 
Define Marketing strategy, define which Blockchain platform to choose and what kind of smart contract would be most appropriate
                 Implementation- (4-6 weeks)
Legal structure advisory and consultancy
Program the smart contract (coding & development through third parties) 
Partnership with online exchanges to get listed
                 Placement- (4-8 weeks)
Implement Marketing strategy
Token Placement, via   compliant procedure, with particular KYC and AML procedures, and as per different jurisdictions rules  
The pricing scheme consist of a hybrid of fixed and variable costs. The fixed costs will cover for the developing of the smart contracts, the online marketing and the legal fees, whereas the variable costs will depend from the target amount and the final amount raised.