Tuesday, 14 August 2018



On  July 30th, Pairstech and Artwallet (ArtW PTE LTD a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore, registered in Singapore ACRA under number 20189364C with registered office at 16 Stanley Street #03-00 Singapore) have signed a consultancy and advisory agreement whereas Pairstech is going to provide strategic  advisory to ARTW board of directors, marketing and support about  ArtWallet business proposition on incoming ICO and advice about Exchanges where ARTW tokens could be listed.

Artwallet, is a technological firm, which has set up and manages “ArtWallet”, a decentralized block-chain platform, used to trade shares incorporating ownership in artworks and other services in relation to the artworks listed on the Platform, through the use of the so-called “BuyArt tokens”.

Artwallet aims to make the Art Market accessible to everyone, creating a decentralized marketplace where tokens containing a unique “DNA of Art” will be traded, fully or in small shares.

PAIRSTECH has a well recognized position in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain based companies, having his CEO, Enrico Danieletto, being early involved within the space, starting with consulting services provided to world leader Bitcoin Exchange Platform Bitfinex as long as 2014.

Pairstech has been involved in supporting companies in the space since thereafter, making evangelism activities within his network of contacts and presenting amazing opportunities for crypto experts first and to a larger audience thereafter, advising and presenting such company as 1World Online  and Diaurum 

Regarding ARTWallet, Pairstech believes it has an original value proposition in art space, giving to a vast audience the chance to diversify its holding within the Art world, an area historically reserved, especially when talking about Great masters,  to a very small group of institutions and friends.

ArtWallet is a well funded company, with solid management and financial resources already in place, and has all the capability and resources to transform the artworks market by giving access to his newly built platform